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Posted: January 04, 2019 by Carolyn Lyne

Welcome to 2019 and to Eastern Carolina Realty Inc:  in Fire Tower Road, Greenville.

Our first year here in Greenville, has been very successful and the ECR Team are very much looking forward to working with you during this coming year.  Our website has been designed to offer our friends and neighbors a good information source regarding our local real estate market.

We have all enjoyed a very active year in 2018, and we are now ready to move ahead into 2019, with what is expected to be another active but pivotal year for us all.  The market is always governed by supply and demand. Last year we saw the full switch to a 'seller's market' following a significant decline in available listings, after the bumper year in late 2017.

2019 promises us, increased development and construction, which in turn promotes new growth in resident numbers and a higher demand for property.  Applications for mortgages are on the rise and therefore finance is available at some very good rates.  

Now is the time to consider your real estate plan:  If you are considering selling and or buying, please visit us regularly for information, and call in to our office on Fire Tower to discuss your ideas with our team of professionals.  They are happy to provide you with home valuation, home selection, advice on the entire selling and buying processes and much more.  

We have in-house mortgage and insurance advisers who are happy to sit down with you to discuss your needs and wants in real estate and to help you devise a plan that will work for your family.  

We have a resident builder (Wentworth Construction) for those who want to build their own dream home, and he too is always ready and willing to talk with you about the process of building your own home.

Basically we strive to provide information, advice and support on every aspect of the real estate process and want our experience, professionalism and support to give you the edge as a buyer or seller in this business.

This blog will be maintained and we invite you to use it regularly to ask questions, raise concerns,  and to increase your real estate knowledge as you need it.  We will be answering your questions on a daily basis and bringing information to you regarding the local market as and when it happens.  

We will be announcing seminars and information sessions throughout the year, bringing you local experts in every aspect of the business.

Here we go, enjoy our blog and make the most of our forthcoming 2019 Real Estate Market.

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